#Elections2018 | Federal candidates have spent more than 9 million in six weeks

Marco Gama has spent more than 1 million, followed by Leonor Noyola, while PRI candidate Bernarda Reyes has not used any money in her campaign

By José Luis Vázquez

Through the Technical Inspection Unit, the National Electoral Institute (INE) must receive and review the reports submitted by the political actors regarding the origin, amount, destination and application of the resources received by any type of financing (may be public or private), as well as investigate the complaints regarding the rendering of accounts of said figures.

Thanks to the Accountability and Inspection of the National Electoral Institute (INE), La Orquesta was able to find out how much the candidates seeking federal offices for San Luis Potosí have spent.

There are 27 candidates in San Luis Potosí seeking the Senate of the Republic or a federal deputation; So far, the contenders have registered a total income of 9 million 434 thousand 791 pesos that come from public and private supports, of which the amount of 4 million 784 thousand 527 pesos has been spent.

According to the calculations made with the figures obtained from the INE portal, the coalition “Por México al Frente” and its nine candidates have entered a total of 5,882,443 pesos and spent 2,693,223 pesos; the candidates of the coalition formed by the PRI, PVEM and PANAL, “Todos por México”, have registered to the institute 3 million 304 thousand 942 pesos, of which they have spent one million 843 thousand 874 pesos, while those belonging to the alliance between Morena, PES and PT, “Juntos Haremos Historia”, have registered so far, 247 thousand 415 pesos of which everything has been spent.


To this day, the profile that has contributed the most money to the INE is the candidate of “Por México al Frente” (PAN-PRD-MC), Marco Antonio Gama Basarte, with 2 million 200 thousand 817 pesos (of the which has spent one million 228 thousand pesos 030 pesos); it is followed by the same coalition, Ma. Leonor Noyola Cervantes with one million 689 thousand 624 pesos (with 218 thousand 167 pesos spent); then, María Rebeca Terán Guevara from the coalition “Todos por México” (PRI-PVEM-PANAL) with one million 153 thousand 309 pesos (with an expense of 723 thousand 899 pesos so far); after Luis Antonio Mahbub Sarquís with one million 147 thousand 396 pesos (with 336 thousand 874 pesos spent).

It is worth mentioning that these four candidates for the Senate are the only profiles that have registered an income over one million pesos, while the candidates for the alliance “Juntos Haremos Historia” (Morena-PES-PT), María Josefina Banda Zermeño and Primo Dothé Mata, have each registered the amount of 74 thousand 347 thousand pesos, which have been spent in full.



Regarding the federal candidates seeking a deputation, the ones with the most resources have been the profiles of “Por México al Frente”, the first is Jorge Luis Díaz Salinas, with 365 thousand 553 pesos; Marcelino Rivera Hernández is next, with 315 thousand 344 pesos; Raquel Hurtado Barrera, with 306 thousand 386 pesos; José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, with 301 thousand 384 pesos; Josefina Salazar Báez, with 300 thousand 086 pesos and Ma. Guadalupe Almaguer Pardo, with 239 thousand 236 pesos; In total, these six people have collected almost two million pesos in public and private support, of which one million 247 thousand 039 pesos have been spent.

This list is followed by a strange case of one of the candidates of the coalition “Todos por México”; while three of them (José Luis Romero Calzada, Margarita Ibarra Villanueva and Martha Orta Rodríguez) have registered income for almost 200 thousand pesos, two (Sara Rocha Medina and Miguel Torres Hernández) for more than 200 thousand and one (Oscar Bautista Villegas) for 39 thousand 298 pesos; the candidate Bernarda Reyes Hernández has not registered any income and therefore none spent… Could it be that she is not campaigning? the total amount of income recorded by these profiles is one million 4 thousand 236 pesos and of which 783 thousand pesos 100 pesos have been spent.

Another curious case is that of the candidate, José Luis Romero Calzada, who has spent more on campaign than what he has registered at the INE; his expenses reach 176 thousand 508 pesos and only has 169 thousand 808 pesos of income.

In the case of the “Juntos Haremos Historia” alliance, the difference in resources entered is quite large if we compare one of its candidates with the other 6?… Alfonso Felipe Josefa has registered 54 thousand 853 pesos of income, while that his companions (Amelia Araiza Dávila, Ana María González Castellanos, Ariel Josué Chávez Reyna, José Ricardo del Sol Estrada and Paloma Rachel Aguilar Correa) do not exceed 5 thousand 022 pesos; Another case is that of Jesús María Hernández Reyna who registered 18,756 pesos, which is not even half of what Alfonso Felipe has used. The candidates of this alliance have registered in total, an amount of 98 thousand 720 pesos income, which have been spent in full.

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