#Elections2018 | Campaign events in each corner

More than 1400 have been carried out in SLP, only by federal deputies

By El Saxofón


The candidates of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia (Morena, PT, PES) are the ones who have carried out the most events so far in the electoral campaigns, according to the information offered by the INE in its portal of Accountability and audit results.

Together, the seven candidates for federal deputies from the Morena-PT-PES alliance have held 746 events. The candidate who has done the most events is Paloma Aguilar, who is seeking the deputation for the fifth district, with 137; Paloma Aguilar has 38 events to perform and has canceled three.

The candidate of this alliance that has made fewer activities is Ana María González Castellanos, who has made 80, has 39 to complete and has canceled 41.

For their part, the candidates for deputies of the Todos por México coalition (PRI, PVEM, Panal), have held 526 events. Oscar Bautista Villegas, who has reported 210 events to the INE, has 45 to perform and has canceled 8.

The candidate of this coalition in the seventh district, Bernarda Reyes Hernández, has not reported any event to the INE, since she has practically not been able to campaign, or has not wanted to do it, because her candidacy is in litigation in the Electoral Tribunal of Power Judicial of the Federation (TEPJF), in dispute with Adelaido Cabañas. The funny thing is that Adelaido Cabañas claims the candidacy with the argument of the indigenous representation, while the ex-sub-attorney of Etnias does so in response to the principle of gender parity.

Discounting the case of Bernarda Reyes, the candidate who has made the least number of events in this coalition is Martha Orta, who remains in office as a local deputy while participating in the contest for the fifth district.

The Por México al Frente coalition (PAN, PRD, MC) has only reported 225 events by its 7 candidates; the one that has done the most is the PRD Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, with 90 events held, zero on the agenda and only 1 canceled. The one that has done least is the PAN Jorge Luis Diaz Salinas, with 4; zero to be done and zero canceled.

In what corresponds to the candidates to the Senate of the Republic, the one that more events of campaign has realized is Primo Dothé Mata, of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia, with 101 events, 45 to be carried out and seven canceled.

María Josefina Banda Zermeño reports 90 events, 28 to be carried out and 42 canceled.

On the other hand, the candidate of Por México al Frente, Marco Antonio Gama Basarte, has made 61 events, has 42 to complete and has canceled 20.

Leonor Noyola, also from Por México al Frente, has reported only thirteen events, does not report any events to be performed or canceled events.

Regarding the All For Mexico Coalition, Luis Antonio Mahbub Sarquís has 22 events, 105 to be carried out and 0 canceled, while María Rebeca Terán Guevara has only 21 events held, zero canceled and zero to be performed.



In District I, with head in Matehuala, Juan José Jover Navarro (PAN-PRD-MC), has made 55 events; Sara Rocha Medina (PRI-PVEM-PANAL) has made 79; and Ariel Josué Chávez Reyna (MORENA-PT-PES) 104.

In District II, Jesús María Hernández Reyna of (MORENA-PT-PES) has held 95 events; Ricardo Gallardo Cardona (PAN-PRD-MC) has made 90 and José Luis Romero Calzada (PRI-PVEM-Panal) has only 19 events.

In District III, with head in Rioverde, Jorge Luis Diaz Salinas (PAN-PRD-MC) has made only four events, while Óscar Bautista Villegas (PRI-PVEM-Panal) has made 210, and Ana María González Castellanos (Morena -PT-PES) has made 80.

In District IV, with head in Ciudad Valles, Raquel Hurtado Barrera (PAN-PRD-MC) has reported the realization of only six events, while Margarita Ibarra Villanueva (PRI-PVEM-Panal) reports 198, and José Ricardo Delsol Estrada (Morena-PT-PES) reports 96.

In District V, with head in San Luis Potosí, Josefina Salazar Báez (PAN-PRD-MC) has made 25 events, while Martha Orta Rodríguez (PRI-PVEM-Panal) has reported only one and Paloma Rachel Aguilar Correa (Morena -PT-PES) reports 137.

In District VI, with head in San Luis Potosí, María Guadalupe Almaguer Pardo (PAN-PRD-MC) reports 21 events; Miguel Torres Hernández (PRI-PVEM-Panal) has reported 16, and Amelia Araiza Dávila (Morena-PT-PES) 103.

Finally, in District VII, with head in Tamazunchale, Marcelino Rivera Hernández (PAN-PRD-MC), reports 24 events; Bernarda Reyes Hernández (PRI-PVEM-Panal) zero events, and Alfonso Felipe Josefa (Morena-PT-PES), 131.


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