#Elections | Cecy González is already in second place

According to a IIEPE survey, the PRI candidate has grown to surpass Xavier Nava and Leonel Serrato

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The candidate of the PRI, Nueva Alianza and Conciencia Popular to the mayor of San Luis Potosí, Cecilia González Gordoa, has grown in the polls during the last weeks, according to a survey published yesterday by the International Institute for Prospective and Strategy Studies (IIEPE), until placing in the second position of the preferences among the citizenship.

The survey of IIEPE places as first place the candidate of the PRD, Ricardo Gallardo Juárez, with 24.5 percent; the second place is occupied by Cecilia González Gordoa, with 20.8 percent of the preferences.

According to the survey of IIEPE, the third place is occupied by the PAN and Movimiento Ciudadano candidate, Xavier Nava Palacios, with 20.4 percent of the preferences; while the aspirant of Morena and the Labor Party, Leonel Serrato, has 14.4 percent. In the last position is Alejandro García Moreno, of the Green Party, with 2 percent.

According to the IIEPE study, 17.9 percent of the respondents did not answer, do not know by whom they will vote or have not yet decided, an important figure that could make a difference eventually, given that it outnumbers the difference that exists between the leading candidates.

According to the publication of IIEPE, “this survey is not paid by any specific Political Party or Organization or Candidate and represents a permanent research work of this institution.”

Cecy González acompañada de José Antonio Meade, abanderado del PRI a la presidencia



Last week, public notary Eduardo Martinez Benavente suggested candidates Xavier Nava and Leonel Serrato to decline in favor of Cecilia González Gordoa, to form a front against Ricardo Gallardo Juárez, who is seeking re-election in office.

Martín Juárez Córdova, president of the State Steering Committee of the PRI, echoed those words and pointed out that Cecilia González had enough characteristics to lead the capital project.

“By listening to these proposals to close ranks, not to continue mortgaging the future of San Luis Potosí (…) we understand that Cecilia González is the best option for our city, we are certain PRI and non-PRI, which will make a good job for San Luis Potosi”, said Juárez Córdova last week.

However, nothing has changed in the facts. So far, none of the candidates have accepted the proposal of Martinez Benavente. Just 25 days before the elections on July 1, the option seems complicated, especially because the political parties that sponsor the candidates are antagonistic at the federal level, as they have repeatedly stated both Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Morena-PT- PES), such as José Antonio Meade (PRI, PVEM and PANAL) and Ricardo Anaya Cortés (PAN-PRD-MC).

In any case, the survey of IIEPE rethinks the electoral board, especially in regard to the position of Cecilia González Gordoa, who is now only 3.7 points from the first place, still embodied in Ricardo Gallardo Juárez of the PRD.

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