DIF paid an additional 9 million pesos in salaries and excessive bonuses

The unit does not have a salary tab for employees

By La Orquesta

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) observed in the first and second installment of its audit report an improper use of 9 million 128 thousand 490 pesos with 60 cents, which were used, as mentioned by the ASF, to make payments in excess of salaries, holiday bonus and other bonuses, without considering the wage and salary tabulators or considering the percentages of holiday bonus and bonuses indicated in the state regulations.

The report 1423 of the review of the public account 2016 of the state government indicates that the Ministry of Finance transferred resources of 2016 for 404 million 128 thousand 500 pesos to the DIF System of San Luis Potosí.

The state DIF allocated part of the resources in personal services -as reported by the ASF-. Likewise, through a review of a sample of the payrolls of the months of January, August and November 2016, the salaries paid to five employees did not correspond to the amount indicated in the authorized salary tabulator: the overpayment was made for 276 thousand 900 pesos.

Also in the concept of vacation premium, payments were made for 2 million 54 thousand pesos that exceed what is stated in the regulations that establish the equivalent to forty percent on the salary of the days corresponding to each period: in addition, of the concept of “aguinaldo” excessive payments were made for 6 million 792 thousand 200 pesos, which exceed what is stated in the regulations that establish the equivalent of fifty days of salary.

Likewise, from the sample of revision to the concept of professional fees, it was found that payments were made for a total of over 20 million pesos; however, the DIF did not prove that it had a tabulation of positions and amounts for personnel of fees, nor of any document where the authorized amount for the payments was determined.

Through a press release sent last week by the Directorate of Social Communication, the state government presumed that they: “‘Reduced by 71% the amount of federal resources observed by the Superior Audit of the Federation, with respect to the year 2015”, announced the State Comptroller General, José Gabriel Rosillo Iglesias.

“He noted that the amount observed to the Executive represents only 1.28 percent of the total audited sample to the state agencies, which places it with one of the lowest observation rates in the country, considering that at the national level the average index was 7.2 percent”, explained the bulletin of the state government, in statements attributed to Rosillo Iglesias.

“The State Comptroller acknowledged that although the observations have been reduced, and that in fact 61 million of the amount announced in the report have already been paid, the Executive branches should strengthen the internal control systems to avoid this type of warning and prevent any irregularity”, the text mentions, in which it is not explained to which delivery of the report of the ASF it refers, nor does it explain that the total amount is 428 million pesos for the fiscal year 2016.

Unlike what the State Comptrollership said, the Superior Audit Office of the Federation has not specified whether the observations made to the State Executive were resolved.

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