Congress of SLP is the best … in low quality proposals

It shines for presenting initiatives, but they are forgotten

Por Roberto Rocha

The Congress of San Luis Potosí is the number 1 at national level in the average of initiatives presented by legislator, as well as in the initiatives approved to each deputy, as well as in interventions in tribune of the potosinos congressmen. In spite of that, the state Legislature ranks 19th in the area of ​​legislative effectiveness, according to the first “Minimum Evaluation of Legislative Performance of Local Congresses in Mexico,” held by the Congreso Calificado organization.

Legislative effectiveness measures the percentage of initiatives issued (appropriate, inappropriate, without matter, etc.), with respect to the total number of those that have been promoted in the Legislature. In San Luis Potosí, only 33.6 percent of the initiatives presented end up being ruled.

This speaks not only of the legislative backwardness that has characterized this edition of the State Congress, but could explain the first place in initiatives presented and promoted: in San Luis Potosí, the deputies present many initiatives, although most of them do not even leave the committees to be voted in the Plenary.

The study of Congreso Calificado indicates that, each initiative dictated by the Congress of the State costs to the treasury 1 million 698 thousand 945 pesos, a very high price, although San Luis Potosí is located in the eighth place among the entities in which less the initiatives cost.

On average, each potosino legislator has presented 32.85 initiatives and they have been approved 9.2 proposals to each, on average.

On the other hand, the deputies of only nine states were less efficient than the potosino ones. Tlaxcala, Baja California, Tabasco, Hidalgo, Mexico City, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Sinaloa are the worst evaluated entities in legislative efficiency.

The Congress of Potosi also occupies the tenth place at the national level in terms of absenteeism of its deputies, with an average of 5.29 absences per legislator.

Qualified Congress also highlights the Legislature of San Luis Potosí as one in which its deputies have, on average, more interventions in the gallery, with 63.51 per deputy. Although the potosinos already know how those interventions have been wasted.

In addition, only 22% of the potosinos deputies have presented their declaration # 3de3, although that small number is enough to place the entity as the seventh best in the country in the area of ​​transparency.

In 2017, the State Congress cost 293 million 68 thousand 50 pesos.

Average initiatives per Deputy

Still, Congress show off

Although in the national results of the Qualified Congress the disparity between the number of initiatives presented by the potosino deputies and the work that the legislators take forward is clear, the Congress sent yesterday a press release in which it brags about the qualifications obtained by the legislative body .

“In the results of its most recent evaluation, the civil society organization Congreso Calificado, placed the Congress of the State of San Luis Potosí in the first place of initiatives presented by deputy and in approval of them, at the national level“, says the Bulletin of the Legislative Power of the State, which is reproduced in its entirety below.

In the report to establish and disseminate the minimum parameters of parliamentary performance that allow comparing each other, a set of basic variables of the 32 Legislative Powers of each of the states, the LXI Legislature occupies the first place in both indicators.

The average of initiatives presented by deputy is 32.85 and in the observations, Congreso Calificado mention that “in this indicator, the case of the San Luis Potosí Congress stands out, whose dynamics of presentation of individual initiatives is the highest in the country and which is so high, that, for example, it is threefold compared to the Congress of Querétaro that occupies the second place “.

“This indicator takes into consideration the initiatives proposed individually by each deputy, to subsequently divide the total number of initiatives presented since the beginning of the Legislature between the number of legislators of the respective Congress, and in that way, establish an average of initiatives promoted by legislator (a) and order from highest to lowest each of the 32 states.

Congreso Calificado also ranks first in the San Luis Potosí State Congress in the average of approved initiatives. “San Luis Potosí, Querétaro and Oaxaca, being the states in which more initiatives are presented individually, are also part of the group of Congresses with the highest average of initiatives approved individually.”

Also, highlights “the very high number of interventions in the gallery in the Congress of San Luis Potosí (60% more than the second place).” It also ranks number seven in the presentation of Declaration Three of Three and stands out among the Congresses with the lowest cost per initiative presented.

The study of Congreso Calificado establishes that in San Luis Potosí each approved initiative represents a cost of one million 698 thousand 945 pesos, which places it in position 21 of the national scenario.

This represents a figure much lower than the 29 million 054 thousand 459 pesos of the cost of the City of Mexico that occupies the second place; to the 23 million 012 thousand 934 pesos of Baja California that occupies the third site; to the 13 million 025 thousand 718 pesos of Guerrero that occupies the fourth position and of the 10 million 123 thousand 039 pesos of the state of Tabasco that occupies the fifth place at national level.

Legislative performance


Indicator Place in the national ranking
Initiatives presented by legislator 1
Initiatives approved by legislator 1
Legislative effectiveness 19
Absences 10
Tribune interventions 1
Transparency 7
2017 Budget for the Legislative Power $293,068,050
Average cost per initiative ruled $1,698,945
Starting date of the legislature 14-sep-15

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