Congress delays vote on ASE budget

It will be until Friday when it decides if it authorizes a million and a half pesos more than in 2016

By Fernanda Padilla

Deputies postponed until next Friday at 18:00 hours the analysis for the approval or rejection of the draft budget for the State Superior Audit (ASE), which amounts to more than 215 million pesos, and shows an increase of more million and a half compared to 2017.

The project was returned to commissions for a new analysis. In the discussion that took place in the plenary session on Wednesday, lawmakers Alejandro Segovia Hernández and José Luis Romero Calzada showed that there is an increase to this oversight body, when there was a cut of more than 80 workers .

Congressman Héctor Mendizábal Pérez justified that what is presented in Plenary is a preliminary draft that will be sent to the Ministry of Finance, which is responsible for putting together the state budget and then be returned to Congress for further discussion.

In addition the deputies approved by majority the budget project of Expenditures of fiscal year 2018 of the Legislative Power, of 293 million 068 thousand 050 pesos.

Mendizábal Pérez explained about the 34.6 million pesos mentioned in Chapter 9000 and that generated a great deal of controversy, which corresponds to pensions specifically to a liability that exists since 2015.

He clarified that this item is in Adefas, that is to say, debts from previous fiscal years, reason why this resource can not be budgeted until the purpose that has this money was resolved.

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