Carranco will be a subsidiary of Alpura

The brand will be strengthened to reach the whole country and a gourmet market

By Blakely Morales

Carranco, the dairy company from San Luis Potosí, is in the process of becoming a subsidiary company of the Alpura corporate; after the family Gómez Valle, owner of the traditional brand, reached an agreement to become partners in producing of the Mexican giant, the main exporter of milk, which has come to presume a production of two million liters of milk per day.

Currently, according to company estimates, Carranco produces 50 thousand liters in a day and between one million 200 thousand and one million 500 thousand liters per month, from where they produce the cheeses, yogurt, milk and butter.

Carranco arose in 1885, and since the brothers Federico and Ricardo Meade managed it has been operated by families from San Luis Potosí; in an interview, the current CEO of the company, engineer Ricardo Gómez Valle confirmed that in exchange for shares within the corporate Alpura, now Carranco will be owned by that and will scale to a production model with national scope.

It is a special jersey cattle milk, said Ricardo Gómez Valle, “we are going to get more cattle and more milk jersey and we will enhance it; in San Luis Potosí Carranco is more in the market in general, but throughout the country will be in a more select market, where they are interested in artisan cheeses and cheeses of the highest quality.

Gómez Valle is a recognized businessman of the local guild, due to the fame that has acquired the company in the recent years, and will continue as general director of Carranco, at least until the corporate Alpura determines otherwise. Carranco has already managed to cover the local market and is also in some cities of the Bajío.

Ricardo Gómez Valle

A little history

At the beginning of the last century, with the Mexican revolution, Carranco’s farm began to decline; the cattle were dispersed and on the death of Federico Meade, the company was inherited to the grandmother of Ricardo Gómez Valle, Mrs. Olga Meade. “In the beginning cattle were grazing, milking once a day, producing little milk and the cows were in the field”.

“I had to enter forty years ago, they were processing between 25 and 30 thousand liters per month“, said the businessman.

As of 1950, Carranco takes a new air, the cattle is stable, and there formally began to grow the cheese factory; “Now we are in a big family, we are eleven brothers and we decided that the best thing was to associate with Alpura, we had better to have some actions in Alpura and Carranco to boost it all over the country”, commented Gómez Valle.

With this transaction, the family becomes one of Alpura’s 300 producing partners throughout the country. According to the businessman, Alpura plans to invest in the plant of Carranco in Villa de Reyes, a stable that currently houses some 1,700 cows, to increase production.

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