54% of the victims of homicides in SLP are youngsters

The figure is higher than the national average of 52%; from 25 to 29 years old, the most vulnerable age group

By The Sax

The wake of violence that covers San Luis Potosí in recent years has claimed the majority of its victims among young people.
At least 273 of the 500 homicide victims in San Luis Potosí during 2017, that is 54.6 percent, were minors and young people between 15 and 34 years of age, according to the Inegi. This percentage is even higher than the national average.

By age groups, the highest number of victims in San Luis Potosí was registered among young people between 25 and 29 years old, with 89 cases, equivalent to 17.8 percent of the victims; followed by young people from 20 to 24 with 82 victims (16.4%), then those from 30 to 34, with 58 (11.6%) and then those from 15 to 19, with 44 (8.8%).

Even homicidal violence claimed the lives of five children between 10 and 14 years old (1%).

As an additional fact, it is worth saying that 181 of the murders of young people, 66 percent, took place in the capital of the San Luis Potosí state.

If only the young population between 15 and 29 years old is taken into account, San Luis Potosí has ​​a rate of 29 intentional homicides per 100 thousand young people in this age range.

Nationally, 16,005 of the 31 thousand 174 victims of homicide registered by the Inegi, were between 15 and 34 years of age. This figure is equivalent to 51.34 percent.

As in the case of San Luis Potosí, the most affected age group are young people between 25 and 29 years old, with 4 thousand 730 victims, equivalent to 15.17 percent of the total.

They are followed by young people between 20 and 24 years old, with 4,505 victims (14.45%); those from 30 to 34, with 4 thousand 419 victims (14.17%) and those from 15 to 19 years old 2 thousand 351 murdered (7.5%).

Returning to San Luis Potosí, in this entity many young people have lost their lives in attacks with firearms.

On June 4, 2017, for example, a 24-year-old man was shot to death by individuals traveling on a motorcycle at the intersection of Vicente Guerrero and Código Agrario, in Colonia 21 de Marzo.

On July 27 of the same year, another 21-year-old was murdered in front of his own house in the Valle de Cactus Fraccionamiento, in broad daylight. Another teenager was injured in the attack.

On August 29, 2017, three teenagers aged 15 and 17 were killed by an armed commando in the Los Pinos neighborhood.
According to specialists, the presence of organized crime and conditions such as the lack of job opportunities and studies, represent a greater risk for this sector of the population.

In certain colonies of the capital of San Luis Potosí, life is a survival challenge for some young people, the daily dynamics leads them to get involved with gangs or criminal groups, which eventually leads them to exercise or be victims of violence; however, there are also those who simply were “in the wrong place and time”.

In “the neighborhood”, as they say, a small friction or minor conflict immediately leads to a violent reaction, and sometimes the result of a fight motivates a revenge, and “quarrels” appear as the motive of the murder.

The reality reflects that the State has not taken advantage of the demographic bonus that young people represent, who live at the mercy of the lack of opportunities and face a wave of violence that rages against them.

Experts believe that the state, instead of implementing public policies, that contribute to modify these dynamics, tends to criminalize young people, homicides are not investigated and prefer to link victims with criminal activities, as if this justifies the deaths.


The homicide rate is rising
2017 has been the most violent year in the country, and it has also been the most violent year in San Luis Potosí: the rate of homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants climbed from 11 in 2016, to 18. This rate is even higher than that registered in 2012, which was held until now for the most violent year of the decade.

In 2012, the rate of intentional murders in the entity was 17 per hundred thousand inhabitants. This rate fell to 11 in 2013, to 10 in 2014 and 2015; it rose again to 11 in 2016, and rose sharply in 2017, to settle at 18.

Intentional homicides went down in the years after 2012: 302 in 2013; 269 ​​in 2014 and 266 in 2015. However, in 2016 violent deaths increased to 332 cases and in 2017, 500 murders were committed in the territory of Potosí, the highest figure recorded in a decade.

But beyond the figures, violence is noted:
At eleven o’clock on the night of last Wednesday, August 1st, the neighbors of the Reyitos neighborhood would be preparing to sleep, others would still have dinner; even in some courts in the area, in the tranquility of that hour, a group of teenagers were arguing a “shell”, when suddenly, for several seconds, almost a minute or even more, gusts and detonations of firearms were heard.

The sound of the bullets woke up those who tried to sleep, those who dined were silent to listen better, the young people on the court, not knowing where the shots came from, ran for shelter and as soon as the noise ceased, they left hurriedly their houses.
Just a few blocks away, in front of a club called La Cumbia VIP, the bodies of three young people were lying spreading their blood on the pavement, while the murderers undertook the cowardly flight.

273 potosinos between 15 and 34 years were killed in SLP in 2017.
500 homicides occurred in the entity last year.
54.6% of the victims were young.



15-19 YEARS 8.8% 7.5%
20-24 YEARS 16.4% 14.45%
25-29 YEARS 17.8% 15.17%
30-34 YEARS 11.6% 14.17%

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