15% of police in SLP failed control examinations

And almost half of them are not updated

By La Orquesta


15 percent of the police officers who remain in service in San Luis Potosí failed their tests of control and confidence. In fact, although 83 percent of the police of the entity approved these examinations, only 49 percent of these positive evaluations remain in force, according to data from the National Public Security System.

In the state, of the 6 thousand 503 active policemen in any corporation, 15 percent, about 975, failed to pass their tests of control and confidence.

Another 2 percent were already evaluated and the remaining 83 percent passed the exams. However, of the approved police officers, 51 percent of the approved cases have not renewed their control and confidence test,So we can only be sure that 41 percent of the police in San Luis Potosí are reliable.

Municipal corporations have the highest percentage of failing police in the state. 21 percent of the 2 thousand 350 uniformed at the municipal level failed their tests of control and confidence.

Also among the municipal police, 38 percent of those approved remain without renewing their exams. That means that, of the policemen of the 58 municipalities of the state, 493 remain faulted and 893 more approved, but they have not renewed their validity. In addition, 1 percent of municipal police officers are still pending evaluation, according to statistics from the Confidence Control Evaluation to the professional career service staff of the Public Security Institutions, with data as of August 2018.

After the municipalities, the ministerial police, belonging to the Attorney General’s Office, is the second most disapproved of the state, with a total of 19 percent, of 756 officers, which means that 143 officers of that dependency did not pass their tests of control and confidence.

55 of every 100 police officers of the Office of the Prosecutor have not renewed their approval ratings, which gives a total of 415 police officers. In addition, another six percent of the state’s ministerial police are still awaiting results.

The 10 percent of the police in Centers of Prevention and Social Reintegration are not approved, which represents 66 uniformed in that centers, of the 665 total, did not pass their exams of control and confidence.

Another 63 percent of police officers approved in rehabilitation centers has not renewed the validity of their exams. In addition, 5 percent of the police officers evaluated have not received their results, 1 percent have not been evaluated and only 84 percent had passing grades.

In the case of State Police, of a universe of 2 thousand 732 registered officers, 10 percent, 273 did not pass their tests of control and confidence and remain in their positions.



«#SanLuisPotosi is one of the two states that does not have ANY element qualified in the mandatory courses of the NSJP. The system can not be implemented correctly as long as there is no commitment from governments to train their  elements. @JMCarrerasGo» -Foundation @altoalsecuestro

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